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WEDDING Photography – FAQ’s

Q: What areas of the Country do you cover?

My work mostly cover’s the South of England, but can cover all areas of the UK. I have a base in both in Oxfordshire and Cornwall, therefore easily covering surrounding Counties including; Wiltshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, London, Somerset and Devon. However, I would consider any location!!

Q: How do I book and confirm a booking?

After initial contact by e-mail or telephone, it is preferable to set up a free consultation. I understand this may not always practical (I have been booked from Australia in the past!!). If a meeting is not possible, then I can e-mail or post a PDF document that contains contract details along with my terms and conditions. Just fill this in and send back with the booking deposit, I will counter-sign, copy and send back to you. The final balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the Wedding Day.

Q: Do we meet beforehand?

Absolutely! Successful Wedding Photography depends on building a good rapport between the Photographer and the Couple. By meeting you, I can gain a clear understanding of your needs. I encourage people to share their ideas and no request is too difficult to consider. Most of all, I want you to feel at ease with the experience of being photographed. The ideal opportunity to do this is when we get together for the complimentary pre-Wedding Portrait Session.

Q: Do you visit a location beforehand?

Always! Often couples choose to have their pre-Wedding Portrait sessions at their Reception venue, which can compliment the Wedding photos as well.

Q: What equipment do you use and do you have back-up equipment?

I use Nikon profession Digital SLRs with a wide range of high quality lenses. Yes I do carry at least 2 Nikon Digital SLR camera bodies with as back-up as well.

Q: What is your “style” of Photography?

I best describe my style as a “balanced” approach. Mixing a candid, reportage style with your requested more formal group photos.

Q: How long do you spend photographing us and also the group shots?

This will depend somewhat on the couple. Typically I will spend between 15 and 30 minutes with each couple following the ceremony. For group shots I advise that you think creatively about these. Typically I estimate about 3 minutes per shot, as you can see this can soon eat up time if you require a large list. Avoiding your guests waiting around for too long at this time is always the best. After all they are all here to party!!

Q: Can you suggest what Group Photo’s I should include?

Really think how important these formal group shots are to you and how long you want to spend creating the photos, on average leave 3-4 minutes per shot as a guideline:

Here’s a Start:

  1. Bride and Groom
  2. Bride & Groom with Bridesmaids, Best Man/Men and Ushers (often referred to as the “Wedding Party”)
  3. Bride with Bridesmaids (can be shot before the Ceremony)
  4. Groom with best man and ushers (can also be shot before the Ceremony)
  5. Bride & Groom with both sets of parents.
  6. Bride & Groom with brides immediate family ( Mum and Dad, Grandparents, brothers & sisters
  7. Group shot of all Guests at the Wedding (ideally done if access to a first floor window, or anywhere where there is some height accessible).

It always a great idea to give your Ushers responsibility on the day to help round up the people required for each shot – this will save time and be far more efficient.

Q: How many Photographs do you take?

There is no set limit to the number of image taken on your Wedding Day. The number of images taken can be influenced by a number of factors, length of coverage, number of guests, number of formal group shots, length of time between Ceremony & Reception. I work quietly and efficiently and you will have enough time to mingle with your guests as well.

Q: Do you require food?

It is always appreciated if some food and soft drinks are available whilst you enjoy your Wedding Breakfast. I don’t shoot people eating..

Q: After the wedding, what happens next?

I will upload your photos to a password protected gallery and e-mail you the details a few days following the Wedding. After returning from your honeymoon browse the gallery at your leisure, pass on the password to family and friends to enjoy. If you have requested a Proof CD of all the very low res watermarked images, this will be sent out to you approx. 2 weeks after your Wedding.

Q: Can prints etc be purchased on-line and how long will gallery be available to view?

Yes, all images can be purchase with a number of various size / finish options, typically all Wedding galleries stay on-line for approximately 12 months.

Q: How much post production work do you do on the images, are blemishes etc removed?

Typically I carry out simple, minimal enhancements for the images displayed in the web galleries. Sometimes digital enhancements can be time consuming, but I’d be happy to advise what’s possible and quote you for any enhancements you wish for.

Q: We have ordered a high res archive CD, how long after the Wedding can we expect to receive the high res CD ?

Approximately 4 – 5 weeks after. I shoot RAW and JPEG images at the same time. The Jpeg images are used to upload to the on-line wedding gallery shortly after the wedding (usually1 week after the on-line gallery is ready). All the RAW files are then converted individually and checked, this process takes some time to complete.

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PORTRAIT Photography – FAQ’s

A current Portrait Sitting price List can be found by following this link:

Neil Hanson Photography Portrait Price List

Q: What’s included if I book a “Photo Party” and how much will it cost?

The Photo Party cost is £50, included:

  • 1 hour in my studio with up to 4 friends
  • Complimentary professionally printed unmounted 10″x8″ print in a Lustre finish
  • Password protected website with on-line ordering facility
  • Many modern or traditional Framing options available to purchase following the session

The emphasis is on fun, a Wind machine is available and don’t forget to bring along your iPod…

Q: What advice can you give me for the Portrait session?

Wear clothing that is neutral. Simple clothing always looks best. Bright colours are OK, but patterns, checks and especially logos tend to dominate the photograph and distract from the face. They also can make images looked dated very soon if something goes out of fashion. There are exceptions to this rule however. For example, in winter outdoor portraits of children, bright coats and hats look great.

If the photograph is of more than one person, try to dress in colours that blend together so that nobody really stands out (for example: if 3 wear grey and the fourth person wears red).

Clothing should ideally be of a similar type e.g. all casual in jeans or all dressed more formally.

Try to avoid telling children to smile for the camera or “say cheese”. This is likely to result in unnatural smiles and strained faces. It is better not to tell children that they are going to have their photograph taken at all so there is no build up or pressure on them.

Accessories can sometimes look great in photos with children and babies – bring along your favourite toys etc, also helps when children are not in the mood!

Finally and above all else – relax and enjoy the session.

Q: What advice can you give me for my Baby Bump Studio Portrait Session?

Clothes – it’s really your choice, some ladies prefer minimal clothing, whilst others simply used draped clothes. Prior to the photo shoot, try to wear something  which will not leave clothing marks and ridges to avoid any waistline marks if possible.

There will be time for a costume change during the session if you wish.

Baby Bump photo shoots are very personal to each individual, therefore these sessions are relaxed and I aim not to rush any part giving you time to relax and really enjoy the session.

It is always a good idea to have a think beforehand, the kind of shots you would like, check out some magazines etc to get some ideas. This will give me a better understanding of the kind of mood and style of shots you are looking for.

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“How your images are finally displayed is Almost as important as a great image itself!”

The correct presentation will give you a WOW factor to remember your special day.”

Q: How does the album design work?

Unless you have a desire to suggest the album layout you would like, I will build the album design based on the images you like both in content and size. I believe a strong album design should be simple with impact. Of course all designs are approved by you before production begins. I/we have full control over the size and location of each photograph.

As a result, each album is unique.

Q: What is a “Flush mount” Album?

Simply, where the photos are the pages!

What I mean by this is  a layout of single or several images, printed on to photographic paper and bound into an album, the image can go right to the edge of the page (bleed) with no border. Flush mounts desins are extremely versatile with limitless layout possibilities. For example; Panoramic pictures can span two pages with no break at the spine, one image can be used as a background with a reduced opacity with other images laid over the top, borders and different effects can be applied to each image individually. Creating a totally bespoke and unique design to you.

My high quality albums are printed on photographic paper and mounted on to board before binding into an album. This makes the albums very robust and the photographic paper gives the best possible quality.

Other albums may be printed using an offset litho printing press system.  The pages are thinner than photographic paper and are not mounted on board, both types can give excellent results, though I would always recommend photographic paper main albums.

Q: What is a “Matted” Album?

These are a more traditional type of album,possible your parents own these, where the photos are placed behind apertures (openings) cut into a ‘mat’ (board) within the album. Although many album manufactures have given these albums a modern face lift.  These albums have a more “traditional look” with a modern feel.

Choosing between a “flush mounted” or “matted” album is a matter of personal choice. I’d be happy to show and explain the difference to you during our first meeting.

Q: How long will it take to get our Album?

Following your review of the images to be included, my creation and your approval of the layouts, most albums should be available in 2 weeks after the go-ahead. I have chosen my album suppliers carefully, most based in the UK and can supply finished albums very quickly.

However, some of the albums, especially the “matted” type will take longer as their suppliers are mostly based overseas.

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EVENT Photography – FAQ’s

Q: What can you provide for my event?

I can supply a portable ‘high key’ background and studio lighting system to take high quality modern images of your event. Also ‘roaming’ images of your event can be provided.

Q: Do you print out on the evening?

No. The simple reason is that I supply high quality prints post event. These will not get trashed in people pockets, drinks split over and also not restricted to the small size output on the evening. All events receive an on-line gallery with payment options.

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Gift Vouchers can be ordered on-line by visiting this link:

Purchase Neil Hanson Photography Gift Vouchers

Q: What is the value of Gift Voucher I can purchase?

Neil Hanson Photography Gift Vouchers are available in £5, £10, £25, £50, £75, £100, £150, £200 & £250.

Q: How long is a Neil Hanson Photography Gift Voucher Valid?

12 months form Purchase Date.

Q: How will you send me my Gift Voucher?

Gift Vouchers are sent out by 1st class post, once your order is received. If the gift voucher is unlikely to reach you in time, a gift voucher PDF can be emailed to you instead.

Q: Can I buy a gift Voucher for my daughters Wedding?

Yes of course, however Gift Vouchers only be purchased for couples who have already confirmed their photography coverage with Neil Hanson Photography.

Q: Can I get credit on the unspent value of a Gift Voucher?

The full value of the Gift Voucher must be redeemed against any products or services, I regret that I cannot hold over any unspent balance. This voucher features a unique reference ID code, this may only be redeemed once and may not be exchanged for cash, replaced if lost and is non-transferable.

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General Questions

Q: How can I contact you?

  1. EMAIL –  nordicPICS@googlemail.com or
  2. CALL me on 01993 868264 or 07749 373971

Q: Do you post-process your images?

Yes, where required, post processing is performed. Also files can be converted to, b/w, sepia and more modern magazine styles.

Q: Do you use film?

No, I only shoot digital on the latest Nikon Professional cameras and lenses.

Q: How long does it take for you to deliver my print order?

That will depend on the size and quantity of your order. I will endeavor to process your order quickly but please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Q: I object to some images being uploaded to this website?

Please contact me and I will remove these from display.

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Printing Questions

Q: What’s the difference between Lustre & Gloss?

Think of your prints as buying paint from your local DIY store! Lustre sits in the “soft sheen” pot which I recommend for all uses. Gloss has a highly reflective surface and therefore does not suit wall mounted or framed display. Lustre or Gloss however is a very personal choice.

Q: Will my final prints be cropped?

Due to aspect ratios of standard print sizes differing from digital camera sensor sizes (7×5 & 10×8),some cropping may be required for the print. Especially for 10×8 sizes, small areas of white space may appear on the shortest edges if the composition is tall. In every case I will ensure each image is supplied as best possible fit.

Q: Do you print these yourself?

I use a professional printing lab for all my prints to ensure best color and quality.

Q: I’d like a print different from the sizes you listed online?

No problem, please just email me with the required size and I will get back to you.

Q: Are the prints supplied framed?

To keep print price costs down, prices shown do not including mounting or framing. I can advise on a number of options if you require, please contact me with you specific requirements.

Q: I see a black border or a copyright watermark on some of your images, is this printed when I buy a print?

These are for web display only. Final prints will not have the black borders or copyright watermarks.

Q: Will the prints be the same crop as those on display?

Maybe not, the final crop factor depends on the size you select to print. This means, in the printed version, you may find some more cropping than you see on screen.

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Pricing Questions

Q: I am not comfortable with PayPal. Are there other payment options?

Absolutely. Please e-mail me and I’ll be happy to help.

Q: Do I need to pay extra for shipping?

Yes. Please note, shipping costs will be added at the PayPal checkout, UK postage only. If you need international shipping, please contact me via email – extra charges may apply, based on your location.

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Post Sales Questions

Q: Your prints do not look the same as they did on screen!

It is very likely your monitor is not calibrated. If your monitor is not calibrated you will not see the correct color representation when you see images.

Q: What happens if the print is defective!

Very unlikely as the prints are quality controlled by the printing lab and I also check all prints before dispatch. I use sturdy packaging, but if they are damaged in transit please get back in touch.

Returns Policy: Please choose carefully as refunds may not be given on prints due to the custom nature of the product and the availability of high resolution scanners.

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Looking after your Prints

Causes of damage and deterioration:

  • High temperatures will speed up any chemical deterioration such as fading & tarnishing (also known as “mirroring”).
  • Exposure to light, especially sunlight, causes fading.
  • Damp conditions can result in mold or discolouration.
  • Very dry conditions can cause cracking and brittleness.
  • Poor-quality storage and framing materials emit pollutants which can cause chemical changes such as fading, discolouration and tarnishing.
  • Poorly-designed storage and frames and inappropriate mounting techniques can cause physical damage such as tears and creases, staining from adhesive tapes, or photographs sticking to glass.
  • Some photographs (and their associated cases, frames, albums and boxes) are particularly susceptible to insect attack by silverfish, woodworm, book-lice & carpet beetle.
  • Handling causes further deterioration for vulnerable photographs; fingerprints leave marks on emulsion and dirt can scratch delicate surfaces – the popularity of a photograph can be a source of its demise.

Simple actions to prevent & reduce Deterioration

  • Store photographs in a cool environment as this will help to slow deterioration.
  • Avoid very damp or dry conditions, and particularly fluctuations between the two. Aim for a stable environment and if possible, a relative humidity within the range 30-40%.
  • Avoid displaying photographs at high light levels or for extended periods of time. Ultraviolet filtering glazing helps protect photographs during light exposure.
  • Heep handling to a minimum and avoid touching the image later. Make sure your hands are clean and dry or wear cotton gloves, and handle photographs by the edges, using a support such as a sheet of stiff paper or card to move fragile photographs.
  • Keep and display photographs in good quality storage and framing materials. Most photographs can be safely kept in paper enclosures; some can also be safely stored in some types of plastic enclosures. However, plastic is not suitable for hand-coloured prints, prints with surface damage, glass or metal-based photographs, nor for film-based negatives and transparencies from the 1950s, unless the latter are in cold storage.

Materials for storage and display:

Choosing the right types of paper and plastic is cost-effective and will ensure your collection does not deteriorate. Papers and boards used in frames or to make enclosures should be of a very high quality to avoid future problems – they should be 100% cotton, unbuffered (i.e. pH neutral and not acid or alkaline) and free of impurities. The most widely-used materials recommended in the museum world are:

  • Papers for enclosures: Argentia, Silversafe and pHoton™.
  • Mount board: Heritage 100% cotton TG off-white unbuffered museum board.
  • Plastic: Melinex (inert polyester) although some grades of polyethylene and polypropylene are acceptable. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) should never be used and no plastic should include plasticiser (used to make the plastic flexible).
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