A week in St Ives Cornwall

Back in April we spent a great week based in beautiful St Ives Cornwall. Finally now the wedding season is winding down a little it gives me a some time to look back at my own personal images from family holiday’s etc.  This is where I adopted my new best friend – the brilliant little Fuji X-Pro2. I had only picked up this camera a few days before leaving and gave it a good workout during the week in the land of Sunsets, Pasties & Ice Cream! Armed with 18mm, 56mm & 55-220mm glass, along with a few Lee Filters I set to work. It was a little bit of a “busman’s holiday” but needless to say I instantly fell in love with the X-Pro2! No more lugging massive bags full of heavy gear around, just a small day bag, so important when also trying to enjoy a family holiday. No more aching back after carrying it around all day when doing the tourist stuff, it was a no brainer for me. I now have two of these cameras and more glass & I am currently integrating these into my professional Wedding photography and slowly moving away from my massive Nikon gear. I think that pretty much says it all, that I now put my trust in these little cameras to deliver my client images. There is a lot of technical reviews out there, but for me it was very simple. If I can navigate my way around the camera efficiently, whilst shooting manually and everything seems logical, then it works for me hands down. One big bug bear of most seems to be the ISO dial, getting used to the “lift & twist” action and having to think and consider the iso setting was pretty quick & seamless for me. There is also the auto-iso setting if needed. The image quality that the Fuji delivers is just stunning, most of the images below are straight JPEGS from the camera. Mixing up street, family, and landscape techniques with low light & long exposures – it was a joy. I just had way to many images to go through at the end of the week….

Here are a few personal favourite images from our week in St Ives, Cornwall:

To view more of my Cornwall Landscape Photography and other galleries please visit – www.Lemonlighthouse.co.uk

St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 01St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 02St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 03St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 04St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 05St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 06St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 07St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 08St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 09St Ives Cornwall Landscape Photography 10st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-11st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-12st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-13st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-14st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-15st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-16st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-17st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-18st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-19st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-20st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-21st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-22st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-23st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-24st-ives-cornwall-landscape-photography-25

and a few days exploring…… Lands End:


Gwithian Beach & Godrevy Lighthouse:


Botallack Mines:


Cape Cornwall:


The amazing – Porth Nanven – can’t resist a visit every time I am near-by!:


Portreath Beach:


Wheal Coates:


Porthchapel Beach:




I hope you have enjoyed my little look back at a great Week in St Ives Cornwall. To find out more about this wonderful town, just follow the link to St Ives Cornwall Tourist Association

Anybody looking at Cornwall for their Wedding location, please get in touch I don’t need much encouragement to visit at any time of the year…..


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