Isles of Scilly Holiday

Yes this really is Cornwall ! – August 2015 & I was back for 2 weeks holiday on the Isles of Scilly, during what is usually one of my busiest times of year. Holiday planning for a Wedding Photographer takes some doing, as I am taking bookings up to 18 months in advance. The thought of a mid-wedding season break was too tempting and for the third year running we returned to our magical Islands once more.

This holiday we stayed along the Strand on the main island of St Mary’s with what seemed like my own personal bench for morning coffee overlooking the harbour! 2 weeks of stress free island hoping, exploring deserted beaches looking for sea glass, cornish pasties, kayaking between islands, daily ice creams, creating beach art with the kids on dull days (every time I visit St Agnes I seem to make a set of Scilly feet!), fish suppers, cream teas & the legendary Scillonian club Sunday carvery!

The journey to the islands involves the best 15 minute joy ride (12 minutes on the return with a strong tail wind) in the little IOS Skybus planes, landing on the small airstrip on St Mary’s that even has traffic light controls for pedestrians walking the coastal path! Half an hour after leaving Land’s End airport we were enjoying a cup of coffee with amazing view! Of course I also got to indulge myself with a little personal photography, morning beach walks & you never have to go very far to watch the amazing sunsets Scilly has to offer. Even on the few wet & grey days we had there is something magical about walking a coastal path & ending up in a cosy pub or cafe at the end. A day on the deserted island of Samson is a must!

All taken using my perfect travel camera, the Fuji xt-1 with the following lenses – 56mm, 10-24mm, 16-55mm & 55-200mm – here are a few of my favourite images of the many taken, I may well put another Blog post together with a few more when my Wedding season starts to finally slow down…..

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Isles of Scilly Landscape Photography 01Isles of Scilly Holiday 02Isles of Scilly 03Isles of Scilly 04Isles of Scilly August 2015 - 05Isles of Scilly 06Isles of Scilly 07Isles of Scilly Holiday 08Isles of Scilly 09Isles of Scilly 10Isles of Scilly 11Isles of Scilly Holiday 12Isles of Scilly 13Isles of Scilly 14Isles of Scilly 16Isles of Scilly Holiday 17Isles of Scilly 18Isles of Scilly 19Isles of Scilly 20Isles of Scilly 21Isles of Scilly 22Isles of Scilly 23Isles of Scilly 24Isles of Scilly 25Isles of Scilly 26Isles of Scilly 27Isles of Scilly 29Isles of Scilly 30Isles of Scilly 31Isles of Scilly 32Isles of Scilly 33Isle sod Scilly 34Isles of Scilly 35Isles of Scilly 36Isles of Scilly 37Isles of Scilly 38Isles of Scilly 39Isles of Scilly 40Isles of Scilly 41Isles of Scilly 42Isles-of-Scilly-35Isles-of-Scilly-36Isles-of-Scilly-37Isles-of-Scilly-38

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